Tips for Eating Mindfully

In my last post I talked about the importance of mindful eating and how it has personally brought me so much more enjoyment and thankfulness in preparing and consuming foods. I wanted to include some tips for how you can begin to practice mindful eating.

Below are some questions you can ask yourself to help guide the process of mindful eating:

-What does my body need right now? Am I feeling hungry, or desiring food to fulfill something deeper?

-How does the food look?

-How does it smell?

-What textures do I feel touching the food? What textures do I taste?

-What flavors do I notice? Do the flavors change or become stronger as I chew the food?

-Is there an aftertaste once I have swallowed the food?

-Where did this food come from? What went into the preparation to get this food here?

-What other sensations or thoughts so I experience while eating this food?

Give it a try and see how delicious your meals really can be!

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