The Same Savior, Different Religions

If you know me, you’ll know that a few years ago my family went through a huge change when my older brother converted. It was no doubt a stressful, confusing time for all of us, but four years later I sit here thankful for the change. People ask me all the time how I feel about my brother being Mormon, and I never know the right words to say in response. From an outsiders perspective, most see mormons as weird religious people who wear “magical underwear”(that’s a term my mom has coined into our household) and try to convert as many people as possible. I mean that’s who I thought mormons were. Yes, they do convert people, missionaries or anyone endowed wear specific garments & they do passionately love Jesus. But don’t we all also passionately love Jesus and don’t we all share that love with others in order to spread the gospel?

There are many aspects of Mormonism that set it aside from other religions, but no two religions are going to be the same. Most of the time people tell me why Mormonism is so “wrong”, but I would never trash talk this religion because no matter how weird it may seem, I have grown to respect it. Sure, there may be negative things about, but I’ve seen how the positive aspects far outweigh the negative. Mormon is one of the most family oriented religions, not just by having big families (which is a total stereotype), but by the way they are taught to love and honor their families. Mormons keep the sabbath day holy by not eating out, not shopping anywhere, not listening to anything other than worship music, and using the day as a true lazy Sunday at home. Mormons also actively seek Jesus by praying and reading scriptures daily, meditating on God’s truth.

This year, I ended my summer vacation road tripping out west with Trevor and Autumn before their big day. My first day in Utah, I felt like a black sheep, the odd girl out, it seemed like I was the only one who isn’t Mormon. However, that feeling quickly changed and during the two weeks I spent in Utah, I felt God’s presence more consistently than I had all summer. There’s just something special about constantly being surrounded by others who are also living their life for Jesus and pursuing Him daily.
Throughout our trip, we stayed at three different places, and going back to the family aspect of this religion, I have never felt more at home before from the way I was served and loved on by people who were complete strangers when I arrived there. Keeping the sabbath day holy is something I had never done before until I came to Utah and let me just say that if you ever get the chance to experience a Sunday in the life of a Mormon, do it! We attended three hours of church, and my favorite take away from that is working on being Savior-reliant and less self-reliant. Sunday’s really should be days for true R&R.

I won’t lie, I used to be super intimidated by LDS missionaries when they would come visit our home. I always thought they looked down on me for dressing differently and not living the exact same as them, but the more I got to know them, the more I realized they’re people who love Jesus just like I do. They have genuine servants hearts. A dear friend of ours came to stay the week in GA with her new husband and one morning, as I stressed over all my school work and a long chore list, they offered to help me. Such a small gesture lifted so much weight off my shoulders and allowed me to have the time I needed to study for an exam.
A lot of times God won’t give you courage to step out of your comfort zone, rather He’ll bring an uncomfortable situation right into the middle of your life where you have no other choice but to face it.

Having a brother and sister in-law who are Mormon has taught me what it truly looks like to respect another persons beliefs/way of life when you don’t believe exactly the same.

With a mutual respect there is no hinderance in relationships, but rather more love and honor. Religion shouldn’t be about whose way is right or wrong, it’s about building a relationship with Christ. Despite the different ways, we still worship the same Savior: the Savior that calls us all His children and loves us all the same, the same way we should love and treat one another.

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