False Idols

I lie here consumed with checking to see if he’s opened my snapchat or watched my story or liked my post. Boys are handsome, funny, and charming. They make you feel beautiful and special and warm inside. They open doors for you, make you laugh, and they are the best cuddle buddies. It’s easy to picture your future with a handsome boy or to put your name with his last name, we girls are all guilty of that. It’s natural, but it’s not harmless.

I’ve always heard of having false idols, but what exactly are idols? Recently i’ve learned that an idol can be anything or anyone. You idolize something or someone when it/they take the place of God in your life, becoming the center of your world, when really God should be at the center. The truth is, if you’re spending time with Jesus, yet consumed with thinking about a boy, you’re idolizing him. If you’re spending less time with Jesus in order to talk to a boy, you’re idolizing him. Or maybe you’re so consumed with checking social media that it becomes the first thing you do when opening your eyes in the morning. None of these things are bad, unless of course they become idols in our every day lives.

When a man comes into your life, nothing should change from when you were single. That man should not become the center of your attention, the source of your joy, or the only person you spend time with. Rather, he should multiply the joy you already have in Christ, he should be an example of Jesus’ love, and he should push you closer to Jesus. He should not idolize you, nor should you idolize him.

I was once complaining to my brother about how no one replied to the snapchat I had sent and he reminded me of something: If someone doesn’t reply to you or like your post or anything of that nature, it’s not personal, and it doesn’t change the way they feel about you. It’s so easy to get swept up in social media and conversing with others that before we know it, our eyes are no longer focused on Jesus, but on something so temporary. I’ve lived both ways, and trust me it is much more rewarding when you live with Christ at the center of everything, not a boy.

It’s easiest to idolize boys, but look at your friendships too. Do you crave approval from your best friends? Constantly checking to see if your actions and accomplishments are being acknowledged? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you’re idolizing your friends. What’s harmful about idolizing someone is that it makes it impossible to fully abide in Christ when doing so. I dare you to think twice about revolving your life around a boy or an app or a friendship, and rather place God at the center of your life.

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