High School Love Story

They were both juniors in high school not knowing where life was gonna take them. She was constantly on the go and he dreamed of a life with more friends and fun. He was gentle, quiet, and genuine. Seventh period quickly became both of their favorite parts of the day because that’s when she would stare at him across the room. The first time he caught her staring, she knew he wasn’t just any typical high school boy, he was different. He stood out. He had a kind heart, a heart that loved Jesus. And although he may not have seemed to be the happiest boy, his world quickly got turned upside down. She saw that there was a heart of gold inside his chest.

He went from seeing a world of black and white to living in color. His contagious laugh that had since disappeared once again became a part of his everyday life. They fell for each other, and their souls connected in a way neither of them thought was ever possible. Love is a pretty amazing thing because it has the power to turn someones once gray world into a beautiful rainbow of color, it has the power to help you conquer your worst fears, it has the power to make you feel things you’ve never felt before, and it has the power to destroy you.

It was the kind of love that keeps you up smiling all night, the kind of love that makes you jump up and down with excitement, the kind of love that feels like a dream, the kind of love that makes you dance in the rain and live your life without a care in the world. As the years passed by, they never imagined life without the other, until one cold January evening when he broke her heart.

It was the kind of heart break you see in movies, but nothing about heartbreak is glamorous when your world instantly goes from rainbow to dark gray and all the love you felt is suddenly a tidal wave crashing over you, drowning you as you do everything possible to try to take a breath of fresh air. The funny thing about love is that it always shows up unexpectedly. They never expected to meet junior year, they never expected to be apart, and she never expected him to come back to her. But he did.

Like love, grief is powerful and it’s power made her sprint head on into a situation without any wisdom. Just raw, messy emotions taking the wheel, leaving her brain in the rear view mirror.
I’m sure you’re thinking that they fell more in love and lived happily ever after, but you’re wrong. Something in her heart had changed. She was a young woman now, but only dreamt of that teenage girl who literally jumped out of bed every morning because she would get to see the boy she loved so much. So she put her life in reverse, and chased after that girl. The thing about being in reverse though is that it doesn’t lead anywhere new, it just leads right back to the same tidal wave. That teenage girl was long gone, she had grown up into a young woman, wiser and happier than ever, she just hadn’t found that young woman yet.

When the realization set in that living in reverse would never lead anywhere, her life became stuck in neutral, right between reverse and forward. She didn’t know where to go. The funny thing about living life in neutral is that it’s worse than being drowned by a tidal wave of heartbreak, it’s like being caught in a tornado while a tidal wave is crashing over you and there isn’t a single soul to save you. She felt defeated, completely colorless, and lost. Worse of all, they couldn’t love each other the way they both deserved to be loved because it’s impossible for a car moving forward and a car stuck in neutral to drive side by side down the same path.

Love soon took another unexpected turn and she broke his heart. After living for a year and a half stuck in neutral, she decided to get in the passenger seat and let Jesus take the wheel (and I’m not just talking about the Carrie underwood song). The tidal wave came again, but this time it didn’t drown her, this time she reached out her hand and God brought her up for fresh air. It was the kind of fresh air that makes your soul smile, the kind that brings back rainbows after all the gray skies, the kind of fresh air that she needed to find the wiser, happier woman she’d become through the storm.

You may be thinking that this is the strangest ending to a “love story”, but it’s not over yet. Those two souls that fell in love as teenagers are still out there, but after all the storms, they’ve blossomed into beautiful flowers. God just hasn’t planted them yet, but who knows, maybe they’ll end up in the same flower pot. That’s the thing about love, it’s unpredictable and unexpected. But for now just remember that if life was only sunshine, we would live in a desert.

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